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Electronic Packaging Product Library of glass to metal seal

For over sixty years, AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging has been manufacturing high reliability interconnect devices to a broad range of industries.

From connectors to headers, and terminals to microelectronic packages, AMETEK has an existing product, or we can design a product, to meet your harsh environment requirements and product application.   Request more information about your hermetically sealed products by completing our Ask An Engineer form. Our engineering team will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Hermetically Sealed Connectors 
Hermetically sealed connectors facilitate electrical current across two devices and can be mechanically coupled to or uncoupled from another connection. AMETEK Inc.’s sixty years of expertise is rooted in the designing and manufacturing of connectors. We offer custom circular, environmental and rectangular connectors to meet your specific program needs.

Microelectronic Packages

Microelectronic packages seal and protect delicate circuitry and critical microelectronics and components utilized within the microelectronic packages. AMETEK Inc. uses sophisticated metals and engineered designs that quickly dissipate heat in order to provide optimal operation conditions for your vulnerable devices. We utilized both glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal technologies, including high temperature cofired ceramic (HTCC) technology.

Hermetically Sealed Terminals and Headers

Terminals and headers are used to interconnect devices with single or multiple electrodes for isolation of electrical current or radio frequencies. Hermetically sealed terminals and hermetically sealed headers are generally used in electrical devices as a means of allowing electrical feed-through while maintaining atmospheric insulation.

RF Connector

A one stop shopping for custom package and customer high speed interconnect solutions, both GPO style and ceramic.

Thermal Battery Covers

These GTMS feedthroughs ensure that the batteries are hermetically sealed and encapsulated.
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