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Choices in Electronic Packaging

The commercial, industrial and geopolitical world relies largely upon electronic connections, created by components that don't merely fit in the palm of one's hand - they hardly take up any space when placed there.

Technological advances at continually accelerating speeds have caused essential aspects of communications, defense, medical and energy systems to grow ever smaller. While this makes many processes simpler and more adaptable, it can also mean the underlying components are more sensitive. AMETEK ECP has addressed this issue for decades through the connective and packaging components we manufacture.

Hermetic packages stand out as one of AMETEK ECP's signature product offerings. Using engineering-optimized alloys (for dozens of different product-use environments), these packages serve as a key line of defense protecting the most sensitive circuitry, wiring and other components from natural elements and other high-stress working conditions.

Our customers often find our hermetically engineered housings, platforms, flatpacks and ceramics can be the only line of defense they need: This is an important reason for AMETEK ECP's leadership in this business - as well as our plans to achieve many more decades of success.

Hermetic specs at a glance

Components of AMETEK ECP's hermetic packages are manufactured using optimized metal, glass and ceramic materials, according to specifications from the sectors we serve as well as our own internal guidelines. Assemblies are regularly designed for maximum temperatures ranging from 300 degrees to 2,000-plus degrees Fahrenheit during the manufacturing process, depending on whether they are fused or brazed.

All AMETEK ECP hermetic packages and their individual components - ranging from machined housings and flatpacks to power service mounts and high-temperature cofired ceramic packages - go through rigorous qualification and in-line testing. Components routinely perform capably under the following conditions:

  • Pressures up to 40,000 psi at ambient temperatures, or 35,000 psi at 525 degrees Fahrenheit in some situations.

  • Insulation resistance at 10 gigaohms and up to 500V of direct current.

  • Voltage reaching up to 6,000V, alternating or direct current.

  • Hermeticity confirmed at up to 1 x 10-11 cc per second at atmosphere differential pressure.

  • Ceramics confirmed at 1 x 10-13 cc.sec.

Unparalleled protection with hermetic packaging

No matter the environments in which electronics must reliably function, AMETEK ECP’s hermetic packages and the parts comprising them offer a shield that can't be breached. Examples of such factors and settings include:

  • High static atmospheric pressure (and transient variation).

  • Moisture and humidity, even thousands of meters below sea level.

  • Heat reaching into hundreds of degrees Celsius.

  • Dirt, grime and soil intrusion from underground drilling and other processes essential to the energy industry.

  • Corrosion resistance in a wide range of damaging environments,

  • Mission-critical functions in situations of great sensitivity, including automotive safety features, missile and satellite applications, and human-implantable medical devices.

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