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Custom Circular Connectors

Custom Circular Connectors
Hermetic Seal Corporation specializes in the customizing of any of its products to meet your specific project needs with in-house machining, glass pre-form manufacturing and an extensive testing capability. Customization may take the form of, but is not limited to:

   • Alternate body diameters and lengths
   • Alternate pin diameters, lengths and termination types
   •Specialty materials and finishes (Including Aluminum)
   • Alternate insert arrangements
      o    We can design an insert arrangement with any combination of pin diameters to meet your needs for both power and signal throughput
   •    Socket contacts
   •    Rear release crimp socket contacts
   •    Higher Dielectric Withstanding Voltage rating
   •    Alternate O-ring materials and groove configurations suitable for custom mounting needs
   •    Guide pins for blind mating applications
   •    Threads on housings to allow attachment of back-shells or next level assemblies
   •    Threaded inserts or threaded bushings in flange mounting holes
   •    Alternate glass materials to withstand special circumstances, such as:
     o    Stable Insulation Resistance values at high temperatures
     o    Temperatures up to 800ºF (426ºC) at lower pressures
     o    Extreme levels of thermal cycling (-85ºF to +800ºF or -65ºC to +426ºC) at lower pressures
    •    Precious metal plated surfaces on the housing to improve ground connection from the housing to next level assembly to reduce the impact of EMI conditions