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Power Surface Mounts

Power Surface Mounts Electronic Packaging AMETEK ECP
AMETEK Aegis has developed and patented a true power surface mountable device. This design is a very low thermally resistive, highly efficient, small, hermetic, surface mountable package. The SMD line is ideally suited to house power Mos-fets, single and center-tap power Schottky rectifiers, as well as adjustable and fixed voltage regulators.

The SMD’s unique design brings together highly efficient thermal management materials in a very low weight, low profile, resistance weldable package. They are available in three standard sizes (SMD  5, SMD 1, & SMD 2) but can also be customized to meet your specific requirements.

SMD are high power surface mountable devices used in Power Mos-fets and Radiation hardened devices (used primarily in satellite applications). Many customers also use them to test or develop simple 3 pin devices (source, gate & drain). Our customers who buy the SMDs sometimes use them for lesser (non-power) applications because their line is designed to fixture them, weld them, test them, etc. The W/Cu pads allow for significant thermal transfer and electrical conductivity. They are primarily designed to handle high power transfer and thermal dissipation for the energy generated.