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Metal Platforms

Metal Platforms Plug-ins Electronic Packaging AMETEK ECP
Metal Platform Plug-ins (PF) are hermetic plates with leads or I/O’s which extend out the bottom of the enclosure. Platform Plug-in style packages are constructed from a flat piece of metal (usually Kovar or CRS) which is forged using high speed progressive tooling. This tooling yields the highest level of production output in the shortest possible time which ultimately yields the lowest possible costs. Their vertical pin configurations also allow for easy assembly automation and ultimately higher productivity.

Most Platform Plug-ins are designed to accommodate the use of a domed cover or lid. These domed covers are usually attached using a seam welding process. The design of the Platform Plug-in can also incorporate a weld projection on its flange to help facilitate the welding process however some configurations are designed for use with a domed cover which incorporated this weld projection in its design. Either option is an equally viable one.

Platform Plug-ins can have virtually any I/O configuration but are most commonly purchased in a grid pattern. These patterns usually come on a .100” pitch but can be easily customized to suit your specific requirements. The tooling for a Platform Plug-in is considerably more expensive than the more commonly used Plug-in Bathtub style package and the higher productivity usually absorbs this impact. There are also many tooled sizes and I/O configurations currently available for use.