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Hull Penetrators

AMETEK SCP Hull penetrator
AMETEK SCP has years of experience in designing, manufacturing and certifying Submarine Hull Penetrators for Navies around the world.

Design Features
  • M24231 Series, both Single Through Hull and Multi-Port Through Hull
  • Utilize Copper Contacts, Fiber Termini, Coax, RF microwave, Hybrid, Ethernet
  • Glass to Metal Seal Inserts
  • Modifications for special purposes
  • NES 524 Modular Replacement
Materials AMETEK SCP has years of experience in designing and manufacturing penetrators out of materials such as:
  • Stainless Steel 
  • K-Monel 500 
  • NiAlBr 
Testing AMETEK SCP has testing facilities on site and can perform the following tests on all penetrators:
  • Hydrostatic Pressure 
  • Pressure Cycling 
  • Helium Leak Testing 
  • Electrical Continuity 
  • Insulation Resistance 
  • Thermal Cycling 
  • Fiber Optic Attenuation 
Certification AMETEK SCP is certified to:
  • U.S. Navy PPD Fiber Optic Hull Penetrator 
  • ISO 9001 
  • US Navy Molding Manual 
  • FIRST LEVEL Qualified (UK MOD SSCUP25) 
  • UK MOD Certified Submarine Hull Gland 
  • Supplier (ASTUTE Submarine Program) 
  • Connectors, Cable Assemblies, etc.