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Glass to Metal Sealed Connectors

AMETEK SCP dry mate connectors
AMETEK SCP designs, develops and manufactures a complete range of rugged and reliable electrical and fiber optic connectors for extreme environments and critical applications.

Tested and manufactured in accordance with the strict requirements of a variety of military, commercial and customer specifications, all connectors are guaranteed to meet your needs.

Custom designed connectors are a specialty of AMETEK SCP and the company has an extensive R&D division to assist you in developing the right connector to meet your requirements.

Manufactured and tested strictly in accordance to MIL-C-24231 (Navy) and MIL-C-24217 (Navy), this series is available in a variety of styles to meet specific needs.

This style of connector is widely used in many undersea and military applications and is also highly suitable for any operation where pressure, humidity, or temperatures are factors of performance

AMETEK SCP's range of commercial products include the high performing hermetic glass to metal seal family and high performance fiber optic products.

These connectors are used extensively in undersea and offshore commercial situations and also in aerospace and mass transit applications.

Glass to Metal; Fiber; RF Microwave; COAX; Ethernet; High Density; Penetrators.

AMETEK SCP has a state of the art design and development capability. With 175 years of cumulative engineering experience utilizing some of the most sophisticated design and testing tools available, AMETEK SCP is capable of taking your requirements and producing a connector, cable assembly or specialized piece of equipment that will meet your special requirements.