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Transistor Outlines

AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Transistor Outlines
Transistor Outline or “TO” packaging was developed by our industry to create common package outlines and configurations in an attempt to drive costs down and standardize packaging. These package outlines are designed for high quantity automation and production output. The results of this endeavor were a group of standard package outlines.
AMETEK offers a source of supply for most of these configurations. Listed below are many of the options we’ve manufactured throughout the years…

  • TO-5
  • TO-3
  • TO-8
  • TO-46
  • TO-66
  • TO-254
  • TO-256 
  • TO-257
  • TO-258  

Over these years many of these designs have been altered slighty or customized. AMETEK specializes in the manufacturing of custom hermetic devices so we have and will be happy to customize them for you as well!

A complete listing of all the outlines is available through Jedec.