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Coining spheres are precise, spherically shaped parts formed from specially alloyed materials. They often are used as jointing components instead of more conventional flat preforms when either: 1) the part geometries surrounding the preform are better joined using a spherical shape rather than a flat shape, or 2) the alloys involved are not capable of being stamped into a flat shape. 

Coining Spheres Features

  • Accurate diameters
  • Bright and shiny surface finishes
  • Highly spherical shapes
  • With or without flux
  • Made from pure metal, combined to produce exact alloy compositions

Typical Alloys

The alloys most commonly requested by Coining customers can be found in Datasheet below. Please contact us for other available alloys. Purities are typically 99.99%. Higher purities may be available upon request.

Typical Diameters

Coining can easily manufacture spheres in diameters ranging from 0.001" (0.025mm) to 0.080" (2.0mm). Tolerances by weight are typically +/- 5%. Please contact us for specifics and availability of other sizes.


Various packaging options are available based on customer needs. Non-contact desiccant is used as required. An inert argon atmosphere is available on request.