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AMETEK Aegis - Hermetic microelectronic packages

AMETEK Aegis is the world leading designer and manufacturer of high reliability hermetic glass to metal seal hermetic packages for the microelectronics industry.

Aegis manufactures a full range of industry standard and complex custom packages in both glass and ceramic configurations, to your exact specifications. Our key advantages include:

  • Scale – we can handle any sized job
  • Technology – an unbeatable combination of engineering expertise and experience
  • Customer Service – real-time product and order status at the customer service desk
  • Quality – designed in and thoroughly tested
  • Supply Chain Management – skills essential to the successful execution of the most complex projects

AMETEK Aegis has provided the glass-to-meta sealing and microcircuit packaging industries with the highest quality and most reliable hermetic solutions available. Our products include:
  • Machined Housings
  • Metal Platform Plug-ins (PF)
  • Metal Plug-ins
  • Power Surface Mounts
  • High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Packages (HTCCs)
  • Electro-Optical Infrared “IR” Packages & Window Assemblies
  • Dewar Cooler Assembly Headers & Feedthrus

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  • Commerical and Military Aerospace
  • Defense
  • High Performance Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Optical Communications
  • RF Microwave
Facilities / Manufacturing Capabilities
AMETEK Aegis facility is located in New Bedford, MA, USA. Manufacturing capabilities include:
  • EDM capability
  • Complete array of tool-room capabilities
  • Vari-wall package stamping capability
  • CNC machining
  • Separate gold assembly area (Clean Room)
  • 22 belt furnaces
  • Environmentally controlled drying
  • Plasma cleaning, sinter and bake-out process
  • Optical and touch CMM measurement systems
  • Metallurgical lab for failure analysis
Our products meet and exceed the quality standards adopted by US and European Militaries, as well as the various commercial communities and industries that we serve. Driven by this commitment, all facilities are ISO 9001.
Aegis Inc.
50 Welby Road, New Bedford, MA 02745, USA
Tel: +1 508 998 3141


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