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Crew members operating a drill, an aerial view of an offshore oil rig
Market Applications

Energy - Oil and Gas

When you need high reliability - even when products are thousands of feet underground.

Energy powers the world, oil and gas operations included. When upstream energy companies utilize electronics to explore their wells, measure pressure and analyze drill string performance in real-time, harsh environments should not hamper their connections to greater insight.

For electronic components, interconnects and packaging robust enough to survive down-hole and wire-line applications, look no further than AMETEK ECP - the industry leader in both on and off shore ruggedized precision technology manufacturing and design.

Dry-Mate Connectors

  • Test pressures at depths of 4,500 meters (for in situ depths of 3,000 meters).

  • Typical operating temperatures in air or water at -5 degrees to +40 degrees Celsius.

  • Built to last 25+ years.

  • Fully modular design complete with two captured O-ring seals.

  • Compliant with ISO/API.

  • High back reflection performance (-35dB to -45dB).

Wet-Mate Connectors

  • Test pressures of 20 kpsi (for in situ design pressure up to 10 kpsi).

  • Operating temperature up to 150 degrees Celsius.

  • Built to last 25+ years.

  • Glass-sealed headers.

  • Full-pressure barrier between connector and cable termination.

Glass-to-Metal Sealed Bulkheads

  • Test pressures of 35 kpsi (for in situ design pressure of 25 kpsi).

  • Operating temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius.

  • Double O-ring design.

Glass-Sealed Subsea Penetrators

  • Test pressures of 450 bar (for in situ design pressures of 300 bar).

  • 25+ year design life.

  • Fully modular with hermetic seal.

  • Available in electrical, fiber-optical and hybrid versions.

  • Back reflection greater than -55dB.

  • Circuit numbers range from 1 to 121.

Glass-to-Fiber Optic Seal

  • Test pressures of 35 kpsi.

  • Operating temperature up to 350 degrees Celsius.

  • AMETEK ECP invented the world’s first glass-sealed hermetic fiber-optic feed thru for high-temperature, high-pressure conditions.

Molded and Machined Thermoplastic Products

  • CPX range for ruggedized multiple pin pressure bulkheads tested at pressures of 35 kpsi. Operating temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

  • PEEK single feed thrus designed for pressures of 20 kpsi and temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius.

  • AMETEK ECP also supplies mating sockets and Viton book kits.

When you select AMETEK ECP for your electronics, interconnects and hermetic packaging, you strike the mother lode:

High-value products: We understand how important high payback investments are in today’s energy industry. Our engineers design, build and package reliable technologies that withstand the toughest elements and deliver excellent performance, all for the lowest total cost of ownership in the business.

Certified to serve: ISO 9001:2008, AS9100, TS 16949:2002, ISO 14001 - AMETEK ECP never rests when it comes to quality products and processes.

Fully-equipped partnership: Our value to your business doesn’t end at point of sale. AMETEK ECP offers responsive support, field installation and repair services.

Keep your pipeline of productivity pumping with AMETEK ECP’s world-class electronics, interconnects and packaging solutions.