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Defense Navy

AMETEK SCP Flyaway Submarine OBR (On Board Repair) Capability

Navies patrol and protect waterways around the world, but who protects them and their technology from the challenges of maritime environments?

With a legacy of more than 80 years, AMETEK ECP continues to serve naval forces as well as offshore oil and gas companies and wind farms around the world, supplying them with the cable assemblies, connectors and penetrators they need to power their ships, submarines, drones and more. We design, test and manufacture electronic components, interconnects and hermetic packaging solutions for the voyage ahead to ensure continuous uptime, in even the harshest environments:

Extreme conditions

Salty air, freezing water, immense undersea pressure, days of direct sunlight - if technology can’t withstand the elements, it isn’t fit to serve.

Costly disruptions

A single defect in one piece of equipment can dry-dock an entire fleet.Ocean going professionals expect more from their equipment. Lives and nations depend on accurate readings, continuous uptime and excellence in performance.

METEK ECP also provides unparalleled flyaway repair services. Staffed with certified technical professionals, our repair teams can go to your vessel and prevent you from feeling dead in the water without your most mission-critical assets.


Cable assemblies


AMETEK ECP also offers radio-frequency and microwave technologies designed for subsea applications. 
When you partner with AMETEK ECP for precision electronics and onboard repair support, it’s all hands on deck.

We’re proud to provide:

A diverse global supply network: AMETEK ECP extends its extensive portfolio of equipment and services to companies and governments all over the world.

Knowledgeable in-house material engineers: With more than century of combined experience, our experts understand what naval and marine applications demand from cabling, electronic components and interconnect technology.

Ruggedized products for extreme conditions: AMETEK ECP’s corrosion-resistant products are built to thrive where other components and interconnects cannot.

Next-gen repair capabilities: No need to dry dock for damaged technology. Our teams of trained technicians can deploy to any corner of the world in a flash and perform on-site repairs to cables and penetrators using certified repair processes.

Certified, battle-tested technology: AMETEK ECP holds a Navy Polymold Certification for process controls, cleanliness and humidity on all our underwater cable assemblies and encapsulated components, including their fabrication, repair and installation (NAVSEA S9320-AM-PRO-020/MLDG REV 2).

Contact AMETEK ECP today to learn more information about how our products and services not only meet but exceed your most demanding standards.