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  • hermetic seal
    Our Story

    Since founding the technology in 1945, Hermetic Seal Corporation has been a leading designer and manufacturer of hermetically sealed Connectors, Pressure Bulkheads, Headers and Feed thrus.

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  • coining capabilities
    Hermetic Seal Capabilities

    The benchmark of success at AMETEK Interconnect is our engineering leadership combined with an unwavering commitment to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements. At AMETEK Interconnect, we have the technology, the resources, and the partnerships in place to focus on doing what we do best: glass-to-metal sealing and ceramic-to-metal sealing

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  • ISO Logo from wikimedia commons license

    AMETEK Hermetic Seal depends upon the compliance of its suppliers to the requirements spelled out in our purchase orders, drawings and quality documents.

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  • Subsea
    AMETEK Subsea

    AMETEK Subsea Interconnect “ASI” is focused on the Design and Supply of critical subsea feedthroughs, wet or dry mate connectors, and associated terminations. ASI prides itself on its standard and custom engineered component and system solutions for demanding O&G applications.

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