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Legacy of HCC Industries

AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging (ECP) is the world's most capable manufacturer of Hermetically Sealed Interconnection products, Microelectronic Packages, using both Glass-To-Metal-Seal and High Temperature Cofired Ceramic (HTCC) technologies, and Harsh Environment Electrical and Optical Connectors and Cable Assemblies.

AMETEK ECP is organized into two Business Units, AMETEK Engineered Interconnect and Packaging (EIP) and AMETEK Components and Wire.  Each of these business units has a complete customer interface, engineering and production capability to address opportunities for it's product lines across Military and Commercial Aerospace, Defense, Naval, Subsea, Optical Communications, Energy (including Oil & Gas exploration), Medical and Industrial markets.

AMETEK EIP has over 70 years of experience in addressing interconnection, packaging and cabling problems in mission critical environments.   

Interconnect Products                                                           Sealtron Logo

•QPL'd Hermetically sealed military grade circular connectors
•Custom glass-to-metal-sealed (GTMS) circular connectors
•Hermetic Rectangular connectors
•High Temperature High Pressure Bulkheads, including both GTMS and molded Thermoplastic
•Highly Engineered Custom Hermetic Interconnects
•Headers and Single Seals

 Electronic Packaging                                                     

•Hermetically sealed Microelectronic Packages:
•Transistor Outlines (T.O.'s)
•Windows, Lids & Covers
•CNC Machined Covers
•Ceramic Solutions - High Temperature Cofired Ceramic products
•Terminals and Headers


 SCP                                                                                                              SCP

•Hull Penetrators
•Cable Assemblies
•Fiber Optic Feed Thru
•Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Connectors
•Downhold Tool Inserts


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