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AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Glasseal Products
For more than 50 years, Glasseal Products has been at the forefront of technology in the production of high quality, low and high volume, glass-to-metal seals. Located in Lakewood, New Jersey, Glasseal is an integral part of AMETEK Inc., and has a depth of product range, from commercial and mil spec connectors and headers to microelectronic hermetic packages, TO’s and battery seals, tantalum capacitors seals, and end seals.

The benchmark of success at Glasseal Products is our engineering leadership combined with an unwavering commitment to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations. At Glasseal, we have the technology, the resources and the partnerships in place to focus on doing what we do best: glass to metal and ceramic to metal sealing. 

Glasseal is an integral part of AMETEK Inc., and together with our sister companies forms the largest independent hermetic sealing operation in the United States.

Our capabilities include:
  • Complete electronic drawing support
  • Custom design help to meet performance goals
  • Total design control from fixtures to custom packaging
  • Cost reduction assistance
  • In-house tool design and manufacture
  • Complete array of tool room capabilities
  • Hundreds of open tools
  • Vari-wall package capability
  • Wide range of materials
  • CNC machining
  • Substrate and component integration
  • On-line quality assurance review
  • 17 belt furnaces
  • Separate gold assembly area
  • Wide range of process recipes running at all times
  • Full selection of braze materials
  • 10,000 sq ft plating shop for nickel, gold, copper, tin and palladium plating
  • Environmentally controlled drying
  • Plasma cleaning, sinter and bake out process
  • Complete environmental testing capability
  • Optical and touch CMM measurement systems
  • “Certified Inspector” training program
  • Metallurgical lab for failure analysis
  • Sealing in exothermic, Argon, Nitrogen and Hydrogen atmospheres
  • Manufactured bodies in standard materials – Cold Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel, Kovar…and exotic…Inconel, Monel, Molybdenum, and Titanium
  • Electrodes in 52 Alloy, Kovar, Stainless Steel, and Inconel; also Chromel/Alumel and Iron/Constantin for thermocouple applications
  • AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Battery End Seals and Capacitor End Seals End Seals
  • AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging - CNC Machined Housing Machined Housings
  • AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging - Flatpacks Flatpacks
  • AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Plug-Ins Plug-Ins
  • AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Transistor Outlines Transistor Outlines