• MilitaryAndcommercialAerospace
    Military And Commercial Aerospace

    AMETEK Interconnect Technologies manufactures a wide range of hermetically sealed connectors for the Aerospace industry. Our products are used in flight critical mechanical actuation, fluid management, guidance and navigation systems and sensors throughout commercial and military aircraft and weapons systems.

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  • Industrial

    AMETEK Interconnect Technologies manufactures hermetic connectors and glass-to-metal-seals for a wide array of industrial applications – from sensors on large scale power generation facilities to the vacuum systems used in the manufacture of semiconductors.

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  • Medical

    AMETEK Interconnect Technologies designs and manufactures custom glass-to-metal-sealed connectors and headers for medical devices, surgical products, imaging systems and diagnostic equipment.

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  • OilAndGas
    Oil and Gas

    AMETEK Interconnect Technologies designs and manufactures high performance HPHT Pressure Bulkheads, and wet and dry mate connectors for the Oil and Gas industry.

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